two and a half

two and a half


Vincent turned two and a half on October 4th. We normally don’t celebrate half birthdays (although maybe we should!) but we celebrated two and a half for both boys since that’s the age when they became old enough to start a new pre-school classroom at their school.

So we celebrated with a cake that was decorated purple, Vincent’s favorite color, and featured a black horse (like in his favorite movie, ‘The Black Stallion’) and footballs, which is his favorite sport.

horsey cake


At two and a half, Vincent is funny and wild. He loves to play jokes on us, like hiding in my closet and jumping out to scare me. He rides on his father’s back as if he’s a horse while wearing my bra on his head like an equestrian helmet. He loves to chase Matteo and tackle him to the ground.

His favorite food is yogurt of any kind and regularly helps himself to a cup, peeling off the lid himself and getting his own tiny spoon from the silverware drawer.  He’s going through a picky eating phase and makes a raspberry at us if we serve him something distasteful, which is most every day, but he has a wicked sweet tooth, often pleading for candy and chocolate with a pitiful, “I NEEEEEED it, Mama. I NEEEEEED it.”

He has so much empathy for others, always asking, “you okay?” if someone is hurt. He says “please”, “thank you” and “you’re welcome” and “excuse me” when he has something to say. And he ALWAYS has something to say. He’s a much earlier talked than Matteo so it always suprises me that he is able to articulate so well and so clearly what he wants and needs from us.

His favorite toys are his football and baseball player figurines, horses and playmobil guys. He loves to take them all apart and and switch out their accessories to make crazy combinations. His nickname is Bubba, but we also call him Bubs, or Bubsie.

He is happy and silly and kind and sweet. And we love him more and more every day. We love you so much sweet little Bubsie!



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