palm springs 2014 – part 1

palm springs 2014 – part 1

Last winter was brutal. We hadn’t planned on taking a vacation over spring break but the weather was so awful and so cold we knew we had to get out. So somewhat impulsively we booked a trip to Palm Springs, a place I’ve always wanted to go. A friend of mine and her husband own a house in Cathedral City that they rent out to friends, which worked out great for us. It was affordable and private and gave us plenty of room for the boys to run, play and be noisy.

I LOVED Palm Springs. It was totally cool but it didn’t feel too busy. It was really family friendly. And there was so much to see and do. We can’t wait to go back.

This was Vincent’s first plane ride. (Looking at these pictures make me laugh because he’s so bald!) He did fine on all the flights except for the last leg home. That was a toughie. But look at Matteo holding his hand! Awwww…


Our friend’s house in Cathedral City.


The best part about traveling west is early morning walks through the neighborhood.



For us, the key to traveling with two young kids was to follow their schedules. We’d plan an activity for the morning when they have the most energy, and made sure we were back home by early afternoon for nap time. Then we’d rally for dinner and go out again. We also made sure we balanced what we wanted to see and do, with stuff that was fun for them. On our first day, we drive out to Cabazon to see the giant dinosaurs from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.


It’s an interesting place. A creationist group bought the dinosaurs and built this strange little dinosaur park around them that you can walk through.






Matteo’s favorite part was getting to go up in the T-Rex like the scene in the movie (the mouth is a a LOT smaller in real-life!) then yelling, “ANDY!”

More to come….eventually!


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