the bottleneck

the bottleneck


I find it so ironic that the more technology I have at my disposal the harder it is to get anything done. I mean, I have digital cameras and iphones and flipcams and they have taken thousands and thousands of wonderful photos of my life, capturing friends and family and countless happy moments. But where the hell are these pictures? They’re not hanging on the wall. They’re not accessible in a photo album that I can curl up with and page through. They’re on my desktop in a big freaking jumble.

Sometimes, if I’m feeling ambitious, they might make it all the way over to flickr to be organized in an online album. A lot of them live on Instagram. And from time to time a few may pop up on facebook or on this blog. But the old days of putting together a photo album or a scrapbook and using a series of photos to tell a story of a vacation, or a day, or even those five minutes where the baby ate a face full of dirt and we all laughed so hard and took a bunch of photos of him getting messier and messier, those days are gone. And despite all these things that I have that are supposed to make it so much easier to capture these memories, it’s not easier. At least not for me. It’s overwhelming and it all piles up in a big bottleneck and nothing ends up getting done.

The reason for this post is because way back in April we took an awesome vacation to California. Per usual I took a few hundred photos that got dumped into iphoto. And when we came home I gathered up all the little souvenirs we collected along the way, maps and tickets and postcards, the kinds of travel paraphernalia I always hold on to but never do anything with – and filed it away in the basement. And then months went by. But last week, I sat down and looked at those photos and thought to myself that I need to actually DO something with them. They are funny and awesome and my kids are adorable and I want to print them out and frame them and hang them all over the house so we can remember Baby Vincent’s first plane ride. And how Matteo wore this tiny little Hawaiian shirt all over Palm Springs. And the camel ride Matt took him on in the desert. So as I start the process of sifting through and selecting my favorites to print and frame, I’ll also try to use this space to tell the stories.

And maybe, if I’m feeling really on top of my game, I’ll even make a damn photo book of the whole thing.


One thought on “the bottleneck

  1. I think you do a great job of sharing your beautiful growing family pictures with all the work involved in raising a family and your professional work. Keep the faith, and send more pictures!
    Loving thoughts,

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