18 months

18 months

IMG_9017 Saturday Vincent turned 18 months old.

It’s so true what they say about documenting second babies. Fewer photos, fewer pages completed in the baby book, fewer moments to sit down and write about these fleeting months. With two children it feels like the days are so long but the months just fly by. I’m trying to be conscious of this and stop and pause when I can, and be better about at least trying to preserve these memories. It’s far too easy to think “I’m always going to remember this!” because I know now that even with the best of intentions, I never do.

From the time Matteo was born until he was almost two I wrote him a monthly letter. I started to do this with Vincent but it’s been a few months… Monthly is so ambitious. How about twice a year?


Dear sweet Vincent,

At a year and a half, dear Vincent, you are loud and loving. You are demonstrative with your affection, always hugging and kissing and wanting to sit in my lap. You’re very opinionated, already showing preferences for what you wear (your yellow boots, backpack and hats), what you eat (what you don’t like gets thrown at me) and which books you want to be read. (Dr. Seuss or books about football) If you are angry you stomp your feet and yell! And if Matteo wrongs you you go right back after him. (We’re really working on the concept of ‘gentle touch!’ right now.) You call yourself ‘Bubba’ and like to pat yourself on your big belly saying ‘Bubba’ to make sure everyone knows it.

You love to laugh and play with cars and motorcycles, making ‘vroooom!’ noises. You only had six teeth for months and months but in recent weeks the rest all seem to be coming in at the same time. Despite this minor inconvenience you love to eat and have a tremendous appetite. Favorite foods are black beans, pizza, Earth’s Best cereal bars, grapes, string cheese, yogurt, birthday cake and buttered toast. (Both you and your brother can’t get enough buttered toast right now). You’re a good sleeper and go to bed most nights without a fuss. At school they say you toddle over to your cot, sing your naptime songs, and basically put yourself to sleep. You don’t have a favorite stuffed animal yet but love to sleep with your blankies.

You want to be a big boy and don’t like sitting in your highchair. You want to do everything Matteo can do, pushing the lawnmower, playing baseball (you pitch and Matteo will bat), shooting baskets. Matteo is so good with you and loves to tickle you, much to your delight, and the sounds of your laughter fill our house.

You are absolutely fearless and into everything! You go down the highest slides on the playground by yourself and at home you climb all over the furniture. We frequently find you sitting in the middle of the kitchen table drinking out of our water glasses. You love it when your grandma sits you on Matteo’s bike and pushes you down the sidewalk. You started walking at 11 months and now you are full on running, throwing and kicking balls and going up and down whatever stairs you can find. Although as much as you are on the move, you can also sit quietly and play by yourself and don’t need to always seek us out for attention.

Your vocabulary includes: Mama, Dada, Bubba, Emma (the cat), Da! (for Matteo), ta da, bye bye, apple, shoe, sock, hat, hot, ball, backpack and, your favorite word, MORE. You learned how to sign ‘more’, but after a few weeks you learned to say the word and that’s all we hear from the time you get up to when you go to sleep. Everything is more – more food, more book, more basketball, more time outside. MORE! You also have been saying ‘thank you’ for about a month now and it’s the most adorable thing ever.

My favorite thing about you right now is when I pick you up, you nestle your head on my shoulder. As much as it drives me crazy when you constantly demand to be picked up and held when I’m trying to do something else, when you call for me and raise your arms I can’t help but scoop you up and snuggle with you almost every chance I can. 18 months is already here. 18 months will be already gone in an instant. I love you so much my sweet Bubba. Love, Your Mama


2 thoughts on “18 months

  1. This made me teary! The days are sooooo long, but the years go by in a flash. I want to bottle up the sweetness of my second and hold on to the babiness of him for as long as I can. Xx t

  2. Dearest Katy,
    Hold on to every precious moment you have with Vincent. He will grow up more quickly than the blink of an eye.
    Loving thoughts,
    Grandma Peig

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