first day of school

first day of school


The first day of school was this Tuesday and the boys are at Woodland together. We have one wonderful year where they will both be here before Matteo leaves for kindergarten next fall.

A couple of days before school started, I asked Matteo if he was looking forward to the new year and being one of the older kids in the class. (His class is a mixed age group of 3-6 year olds and will be filled with a bunch of new little ones moving up from the toddler room).

“Mom, I have to take care of the toddlers. And I have to take care of my baby brother. AND I have my own work. THAT’S INSANE,” he said, shaking his head.

Despite the heavy burden of these new pre-school responsibilities, Matteo was thrilled to be back in school. My heart swelled as we walked into the class and his friends yelled, “Matteo is here!” and then about five of them circled him and gave his a huge bear hug.

Poor little Vincent, on the other hand, isn’t having such an easy go of it. I forgot to send him a comfort item to nap with on the first day and he cried himself to sleep snuggling his lunchbag and raincoat. (Serious Mom fail on my part.)

Happy new school year!


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