11 months old

11 months old


Vincent is 11 months old today! He is loud and messy and into EVERYTHING.

blueberry face!


He’s just like his brother was at this age but even louder and messier and more active, if you can believe it. He loves being at school, and plays hard all day long. So hard that by lunchtime he’s out cold.

lunchtime napping

His favorite foods are cheese and bananas, and his favorite game to play is basketball. If you put any kind of basket in front of him, he’ll throw something in it.

picking up

This video was from last week. He just started taking some steps last weekend and all signs point toward him walking by one.

almost 11 months

He and Matteo are starting to play together more and more. They’re so fun to watch.


I can’t believe you’ve been with us almost a year, little one. We love you so much!


One thought on “11 months old

  1. Vincent is such a beautiful little soul, I love him to pieces, Messiness and all!
    Love you all,
    Grandma Peig

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