happy birthday, grandma!

happy birthday, grandma!

My Grandmother turns 96 today. (She might also be 97. We’re not quite sure since she was never completely upfront about her age.)

When we were choosing her cards last weekend Matteo INSISTED on this one.

card front

He saw it and immediately started cracking up. “I want the one with the butts, Mommy! I want the one with the butts!”

I looked at him like he was crazy and shook my head. “Matteo, there is NO way we can send your great-grandmother this card.”

He laughed again and said, “But Mommy, it will make her laugh!” and started smiling and nodding his head like, “Come on lady, you know I’m right.”

And you know what? He probably is.

card inside

At least I hope so!

Happy birthday, Grandma! We love you!

FW: 3 of 4 generations
With Grandma and Matteo, summer 2012


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