6 months old

6 months old

Dear sweet Vincent,

Today you are six months old. How did we get here so quickly?


Last week you learned how to crawl around on your belly and are now able to get wherever you want to go. Last night you showed us that it’s time to lower your crib mattress because you can pull yourself up in it. This week you also got your first two teeth AND you started eating solid food. I feel like things have gone from zero to 60 this month. What’s next, kid? The keys to the car?

A little bit about you at 6-months – you have such a sweet temperament. You are happy, and easy-going and content. You are active like your brother but where he was intense (even as a baby) and needed a lot of stimulation, you are laid-back and fine with exploring and playing on your own.





You started daycare a month ago and have adjusted well. The teachers say you play there all day long, never stopping, and when it’s time for napping you sleep for hours. You have a little baby girlfriend whom you’ve already kissed. When I drop you off you never fuss. As soon as I put you down you’re off on your way, playing with your favorite school bus toy and your friends.

at school

Your brother loves you fiercely. Having been the center of attention for nearly three years we weren’t sure how he was going to accept having to share our affection. But never once has he ever said that he wanted you to go away or he didn’t want a new baby. (In fact, he’s already asking for “another baby Vincent” because he likes you so much!) He is so proud to be your big brother and he has happily helped take care of you since the day you came home from the hospital. You are so lucky to have each other and I hope you always remain close.

FW: At the park




Life is much more hectic with two kids and you seem to be growing so much more quickly than your brother did. Part of it is because you’re a bigger baby and you’re physically growing out of clothes much faster than he did. But a big part of it is that my time is my time with you isn’t undivided like it was with him and every time I turn around another month has flown by and you’re whizzing through infancy toward toddlerhood.

Right now this is the biggest challenge for me. I desperately want more time! When your brother was a baby I wrote him letters like this each month, meticulously documenting every new achievement. I have tried to do the same for you but am already totally behind. And I definitely have taken fewer photos of you than I took of him. I know I shouldn’t beat myself up about it all but these things are significant to me. I see these letters and photos as gifts to you both to be enjoyed and shared later in life with your own families. I want to be better at this.

But there is only so much time to go around and if I have to choose between living a life or documenting one, I’m going to live in the present and try to give you my attention. The result may be slightly fewer photos and blog posts – for now at least, until I finally figure out this new pace – but you’ll always have my full attention. And I think you know that.

Everyone tells me we look exactly alike. I love this. You are my special little love and have filled these last six months with so much joy. Thank you.

FW: That's my Mom

I love you so much, Vincent.


Your Mama


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