the baptism

the baptism

We had Vincent baptized on Saturday and it was lovely. It was a smaller group this time around (Wisconsin summer weekends are always full, especially close to Labor Day, so a lot of our friends were out of town) but we were still joined by more than 40 people to witness the ceremony and celebrate with us back at our home.

I love this new life of ours but it’s insane. Balancing a new baby and a wild three-year old is crazy! Matteo is going through a naked phase where he’s always taking his clothes off, and he pees on the ground outside whenever he feels the urge. Last night we came home from a walk and he stripped down, ran up and down the sidewalk nude, and then peed on the grass in front of our house. Matt and I just looked at each other and shrugged. It’s all about picking your battles. And hoping a mosquito bites his privates and teaches him a valuable lesson.

When you have only one child, life feels like this.

me, vincent, matt, mom

But when you go from one to two, life feels like this. In this photo, Matteo is refusing to have his picture taken with us so he’s rolling around on the sidewalk.


Here’s one with Matteo and Vincent and their cousins. He still looks insane, but at least he’s standing up.


During the ceremony, Matteo stuck his tongue in and out like a lizard at the people in the pews and Vincent pooped so loudly that people four rows behind us heard it (during a moment of perfect silence, of course). But somehow we made it through. The priest even said Vincent was the happiest baby he had ever baptized!

Life may be nuts right now, but I really do love it so much. Happy baptism, sweet boy!

sleeping baby


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