back to baby

back to baby

Matteo’s new room is just about finished. (I’ll post photos as soon as I finish hanging pictures on the walls.) When we started this project we weren’t sure when he’d be interested in moving in. We’ll have the baby sleep in our room in a bassinet for the first few months so technically, he wouldn’t have to leave his old room for a few more months. But as soon as the wallpaper went up a couple of weeks ago and it started to look done he started sleeping there and hasn’t looked back.

(It was right around this time last year that we took apart the crib and turned it into a little bed for Matteo.)


Last weekend we spent our time getting the room back in baby-mode again. The bed was turned back into a crib. The toddler clothes were moved into Matteo’s new room and the onesies will soon be taken out of storage and put back in the dresser. Baby toys and gadgets will come down from the attic and be set up.

With this pregnancy, although I’ve gained less weight, I feel bigger and the baby feels bigger than I did at this time when I was carrying Matteo. While there aren’t any other big projects to wrap up, there is a long list of little ones that need to be taken care of and I have a new sense of urgency about finishing them. I’m nesting for sure, and a little harried, but Matt keeps reassuring me that if the baby came tomorrow we’d be fine.

It’s starting to dawn on me that I’m going to have to go through labor again. Despite the fact that my labor with Matteo lasted 42 insane hours, I look back on those days and think, “Well that wasn’t so bad!”

That’s some serious selective memory for you there, folks.

I subscribe to a weekly e-newsletter through a parenting site and the other day I opened it up, left it running in the background while I worked on other things, and came back to it only to discover a video playing of a women smack dab in the middle of birthing a baby. I mean she was in it to win it and everything was out there for the world to see. I arrived just in time to see the baby slide out followed by the placenta.

When I think back to my delivery the things I choose to remember are things like how comfortable the bed felt, the feeling of holding Matteo for the first time, and the room service menu where I could order anything I wanted after he was born. But as Matt always reminds me, “Just look at what we have. Of course you’d do it again in a second to have another one of these.” He’s right. He’s exactly right and this time around, while I do feel less prepared since I haven’t been attending classes and thinking about birthing a baby 24-7, I am so much less afraid.


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