puddle jumper

puddle jumper

The weekly photo and update from Matteo’s classroom:


“When I hand the tag to the parent of a child whom is soaked from head to toe at pick up, it is with joy that I can tell them that their child has fully experienced the pure happiness of the outdoor classroom, which includes splashing in the playground puddles. This is supported by the Montessori Philosophy that is so brilliant, in the way of allowing the children to get dirty and wet with no repercussion other than having to put on a dry pair of socks. I want to say thank you to the parents of Toddler 3 for supporting our freedom to explore and the natural consequence method.”

This morning when I dropped him off at school, I asked his teacher how his week has been.

“Awesome!” she told me.

That was the best thing I’ve heard all week. The BEST!

Can I just say how awesome it is to hear how well he’s doing? It IS awesome – on so many levels! He still has his moments where he pushes or pinches cheeks (he’s a notorious cheek pincher), but it’s all within the realm of normal toddler behavior. The majority of his time interacting with other kids is so positive and fun and he is really thriving in this new environment.

Since he’s been at Montessori we’ve noticed so many great changes at home, too. He says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ all the time, he uses the big toilet (not always accurately, but whatever), he engages us in conversation and asks “How was your day, Dada?” I know these developments are age-related, and a natural a result of his desire to be more independent combined with his increased vocabulary. But I also think at this new school his high-energy is being channeled in a more positive way. Instead of always being scolded for being so overwhelmingly active, he’s being re-directed to other experiences that stimulate his curiosity and challenge his mind. He’s learning self-control and he’s learning he has options.

And all of that is so awesome!


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