new school

new school

This week has been big for Matteo at his new school. Yesterday he pooped on the potty at school for the first time and this morning was the first morning he said goodbye to me without tears. He just puckered up, gave me a quick smooch, then stuffed his hands in his pockets and shuffled right on into the classroom.

We’re really happy with how it’s going for him. He seems to be adjusting really well and there are so many more things going on to engage and inspire him. At the new school he has enrichment classes that include Spanish, cooking, music, drumming, art and yoga. Two year olds doing yoga! I love this place.

Each Friday the school sends out an email newsletter about what each class was up to. Here is this week’s report from his room:


Toddler 3 children preparing a terrarium for the classroom

“This week’s project, prepared by our beloved Robin, was building a terrarium. The children got to scoop layers of pebbles, charcoal, and dirt. There was lots of discussion on what plants need to live and grow. A terrarium is a perfect environment for watering with a spray bottle, so after your child “squirts” you goodbye with a spray bottle at the waving window…they can spray the plants in the terrarium.

The Enrichment Program has been really exciting to watch in our classroom. The children have been heard using Spanish words after Juan leaves, pointing at the book during story time and saying, “Blanco.” And at the end of cooking class everyone’s bellies are very full, because they eat all of the ingredients before it hits the bowl! “More pumpkin purée please” (to our surprise), while making pumpkin scones one Thursday and eating all the apple slices from the very cool apple peeler/slicer on apple crisp day last week. This week, we made Wisconsin Ingredient salad. And, during music, Lynn sang old favorites like, “Over the River and Through the Woods…” before Thanksgiving and brought special bells for us to ring.”


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