two and a half

two and a half

almost two and a half

Matteo’s new teacher just called to let me know he’s doing okay. When I left him at school an hour ago he was crying so it was a welcome relief to get a call saying the crying subsided and he eased right into “work” with the other kids. He was nervous about not being able to wear a diaper to school and I was glad to hear his teacher told me she’d give him a couple of days to get used to the room before making him go undies-only.

For the first time ever he has to bring his own lunch to school with him. I packed him peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the shape elephants, pirate booty, a clementine and an organic applesauce squeeze. I also included a small photo of us. He looked like such a big boy carrying his lunchbox in with him and hanging up his own coat when he arrived.

He’s talking so much now. He can tell me when he has bad dreams and what they’re about (raccoons and owls). He can tell his Dad how he serves himself snack at his new school. He sings songs (Old MacDonald is the current favorite) and makes up jokes (“Knock knock”, “Who’s there?”, “MAMA MEATBALL!”) he can recount stories of places we’ve been and things we’ve done and I especially love hearing him talk about experiences he had a few months ago, when he wasn’t able to communicate as well. He remembers just about everything.

Today he turns two and a half. He’s so full of life and laughter and he makes my heart a little bigger each day.


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