uncle duddy

uncle duddy

Both Matt and I have brothers named Kevin, and I have always wondered how our kids will refer to them to tell them apart when talking about their uncles. (Big Kevin and Small Kevin? That doesn’t sound very nice. Wisconsin Kevin and Maryland Kevin? That’s a mouthful!) Matteo made it all easy for us when he started calling my brother his, “Duddy.”

Duddy is coming to visit for a couple of weeks and we sent him a little video to ask him which day he’ll be arriving. Matteo is usually a little more verbose than he is here, but he’s still awfully cute.

Oh, and about that Confederate flag on his shirt? It’s a vintage Dukes of Hazzard shirt Duddy sent him for his birthday. He loves it, but we’re aware it’s not something he should be showing up to school in so it’s his favorite pajama top.


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