going out with a splash

going out with a splash

Last post about lacrosse for a while I promise, but this picture is just too great not to share. My team gave this to me last night at our end-of-season party. Isn’t it amazing?


So onward to summer! We’re gearing up for a summer of big adventures with lots of trips on the horizon – Park City, Minneapolis, Green Lake, Maryland, Connecticut, and Kenya! You heard right. Matt is going to meet up with an old friend, who is currently working in Nairobi, for about 10 days in August. We’ll miss him, but what an opportunity!

And in between all of that we have softball games, swimming lessons, and lots of visitors coming to stay with us, plus a very long list of things to do and see locally. And for me, lots of catching up on things that I don’t have a chance to enjoy when I’m in season – things like running, drinks with friends, cooking a real dinner more than once a week, and updating this blog!

Summer is here, people! Enjoy it to the fullest!


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