the game

Last night was our final play-off game, the one to determine who would go the State Championship. While it didn’t go our way and our season has come to an end, I am so amazed by what this team accomplished. To give you a sense of how well we did, our best record ever was 7-7. This year we were 11-1 in our regular season, 13-3 overall, and had 11 All Conference players, 3 All State players, and 1 Academic All American…these girls just killed it.

It was hard to lose, but I think I’m more sad the season has come to a close. When you work closely with kids as a teacher or coach, every once in a while you get a special group that really makes you feel great about what you do and ends up holding a special place in your heart long after they’re gone. This was one of those groups.

sticks up

Oh, and if you’ve ever wondered what I look like coaching…here you go. The answer is, totally dorky.

coaching 2

coaching 3


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