february updates

february updates


February is probably the busiest month in our house. Matt is still in season for basketball and pre-season lacrosse practices have started, so weekdays are a blur and weekends are never long enough to catch up on everything else. And currently, on top of our crazy schedules, our basement is under construction, we have all been fighting nasty colds, and Matteo and I both have pink eye. Fun!

I love coaching. It’s something I take really seriously and is very important to me. I love taking a bunch of girls who have never played the game and turning them into good lacrosse players. I’ve been coaching this team for six years now and watching these girls grow up, gain more confidence and strength each year, and experience an awesome feeling of accomplishment every time they master something new is really fulfilling.

But it takes time away from Matteo and it’s hard not to feel guilty about that. I try to tell myself that having things that I do for myself isn’t selfish, it’s essential, and ultimately makes me a better mother. But from February through May it’s a big piece of the pie chart that is my waking life, which means the other pieces of pie get less of me. I’m not there for every bedtime, Roscoe gets fewer walks, the daily routine becomes a lot different.

It’s a hectic pace, and some days it’s easier to keep up with than others. But it makes me happy. And the time I have with Matteo may be less during these months, but it’s quality. And he is happy. So I guess that’s as much as I can hope for.


One thought on “february updates

  1. Hang in there Katy! You are doing good work. Both you and Matt have work to do with the “children of the world” in addition to your own children. Matteo will profit in the long run.
    Loving thoughts,

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