wedding weekend

wedding weekend

taking photos

One of my cousins got married over the weekend in Annapolis so Matteo and I flew home to Maryland. The wedding was in a gorgeous Catholic church and the reception was at the Annapolis Yacht Club. Matteo wore a tie and looked so cute it almost killed me. As you can see, I’m still switching between cameras. All my people shots with my iphone were terrible. Ugh, I need a lot of practice with this.

watching the planes
ready for take-off

flying into bwi
flying into baltimore

kevin and colleen
rehearsal dinner – brother, cousin

dad, chris, maureen, carl, elaine, alex
rehearsal dinner – my dad, groom & bride, uncle & aunt, cousin with devil eyes caused by my damn iphone camera

alex and christina
rehearsal dinner – cousin, cousin’s new fiancée who has the most amazing hair

at the church
at the church

matteo learned how to say “cheese!” this weekend

me and kevin

elaine and carl
parents of the groom, my aunt and uncle

joe and liz
another uncle and aunt

melissa and kevin
melissa & kevin

boat bar
boat bar at the yacht club

yacht club

mom, me, kevin
my mom, me, kevin

yacht club
boats, father-daughter dance

the newlyweds

you know you're in annapolis when...
how you know you’re in annapolis

watching the ravens
watching the ravens the next day

leaving baltimore
driving back to the airport

headed home
flying home


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