t -3 and counting

t -3 and counting

reindeer ride

We’re coming into the homestretch, people. I CANNOT WAIT until noon tomorrow when I can walk out of my office and not come back until January 3rd. I made a batch of peppermint bark last night (my 4th? 5th? I’m losing count…) and realized when I was finished that I had totally forgotten to add the peppermint extract. Oof. That’s when I knew it was time to hang up the apron and call it a night.

We are hosting a party for Matt’s team tomorrow night at our house, which is totally nuts but also something I’m really glad we’re able to do. Matt’s a tough coach on the court and it’s nice to be able to open up our home to the guys and show them that there’s more to him than whistle-blowing and barking orders to run suicides.

We haven’t put any gifts out under the tree yet for fear Matteo would tear into them. This morning I caught him throwing his basketball into the tree like it was a hoop. Nothing is safe around that boy.

There are still presents to wrap and treats to box and share with the neighbors. And I still have a short list of things to do for tomorrow’s party including cleaning the house and decorating cookies for the team. But my shopping is done. My packages are mailed. Teacher and co-worker gifts have been given. My Christmas cards are mailed (well…2/3 of them are anyway). The DVR is stocked with Christmas movies. We are in good shape.


One thought on “t -3 and counting

  1. Hang in there Katy! This is the difficult part of being a working Mom and basketball couch wife. You are doing a great job and deserve your time off!!!
    Loving thoughts,

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