great wolf

great wolf

One of my Dad’s clients is Great Wolf Lodge and he very generously booked us two nights at the Wisconsin resort for this past weekend. We spent hours at the water park, played arcade games, ate at a restaurant that had a train running through it that delivers your food, and drank lots and lots of coffee from the in-house Starbucks to keep up with Matteo (as fun as they may be, there is absolutely nothing restful about vacationing with a toddler).

It was exhausting in the best of ways.

ahhhh dada

giant water climbing fort

coming down!
toot toot beep beep

dinner train headed back to the kitchen

little cowboy

water piggies


over it?

And now, baby on a water slide!


One thought on “great wolf

  1. We went last year for spring break. Kids had a BLAST. Josh wrote about it in his journal at school, he called it the Great Wool Flodge. So from then on we have referred to it as the flodge.

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